There’s a dollar in my g string


EXCUSE ME you uncultured swine. That IS my G string. LEFT TO RIGHT IT’S: C G D A ON A CELLO. And if you notice the dollar is wonderfully tucked in my G STRING.




This is just one massive train wreck

String players can be a bit high-strung.

You wanted string puns? Viola!

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Contrary to popular belief, marginalized groups actually don’t owe allies anything and aren’t obligated to praise allies just for showing basic human decency.

No but marginalized groups can’t treat allies like shit either

Yea we know, otherwise you’ll literally kill us

Yup, allies get violent when you cross them.

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2 white construction workers who were witnesses to Mike Brown’s murder have stepped forward to say that Mike Brown was murdered with his hands up. They fear losing their jobs.

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If you think cats can’t love you as much as a dog then you’ve obviously never had one come lay beside you and purr while you’re in the middle of a crying fit

Cat saved my life. True story.

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When I see cis people on here proclaim they are truscum allies I get SO PISSED like


this is NOT your debate.

You have been policing transness for centuries. Wasn’t that enough?

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  • trans women: this dude's a real piece of shit. he keeps yelling at me that i'm acting "male socialized" and that i'm being "misogynist against men."
  • other trans women: oh yeah i've run into him before, he's spent literally weeks harassing me.
  • trans men: this is some fucked up shit
  • trans women: thanks, i'm glad we can get some empathy from you guys
  • trans men: shut the fuck up and stop libeling my brothers and gaslighting the trans man community, we have it hard enough without you male harpies weaving the nasty lies about us.





So this is a thing that happened…

Christian Day, a pagan writer and store owner, sent me this love letter after outing my account name on Facebook. Like many people who have an alias on facebook, I have a rather good reason for doing so. (I have a Meatspace stalker, who use to mail me bits of dead things, and threaten my children, because he wanted me to bear only HIS children. It was a living nightmare that I lived for over six months.) Alas… I was not very happy with Mr. Day for this, and told him so.

This screenshot shows his response

You are not misreading that. He actually said “…if he rapes you, please call out my name while he does.”

Facebook has been less than helpful during all this… As a matter of fact, they have sided with HIM, yanking my post with this screenshot on it, and putting my account on a 24 hour hold for “Harassment.” of Mr. Day.

I have… No real game plan at this point, other than not allowing this to go unseen by the many Pagans on the web. I have had such an outpouring of support from my friends and the general pagan community on facebook that it honestly made me cry. On another note, I have had to un-relax, knowing my stalker is still out there and can find me now. But, I will not back down. This shit IS NOT OK for our so called “Pagan Leaders” to do.

Rock on my Beauties… Pass this along if you wish, repost it everywhere, and let us not allow this “Man” to have a moment peace until he answers for what he has done. 

This is sick. Facebook can die for all I care. And as for a prominent member of the pagan community he should know better.

What a vile and disgusting person :/ i’m so sorry he was extremely beyond rude to you that is not how you deserve to be talked to.

Yo, this asshole has done this to several pagans, outing their aliases on facebook and causing them to have to go by their legal names. 

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tw: emotional manipulation, manufacturing consent, sexual contact/dating between a minor and an adult, victim blaming.



This post has been a long time coming. I have already talked to my close friends individually about this, and I’ve wanted to do this for a while, I’ve just been really freaked out tbqh. But this is something that I feel like I need to do because I’ve promised a lot of people that I would and I don’t want to hurt any more people with my silence.

About a year ago, when I was 24, I got involved with a 16 year old trans woman for about a week, and we ended up sexting (with no images) once. This was the first time I’ve ever done something like this, and I plan on it being the last.

After this happened, after I fucking came to my senses, I tried to put this behind me, I tried to just say to myself “ok, I made this mistake, I’ll just make sure not to do it again and go on with my life”. I deliberately concealed my actions from people who I cared about, both because I was ashamed of what I did and because I was worried people would think less of me (both very fucked up reasons, but they’re the truth). This was really fucked up and disingenuous of me to do and it hurt a lot of people. I had no idea how much it would hurt them, and I am so very sorry that I did.

There is one more interpersonal issue that I wanted to address as well. I’ve been struggling with Major Depressive Disorder for some time now, and it’s made me quite fragile. To the point where at times I find it really hard to take criticism, crying and self-flagellating, asking if I was a bad person. This would frequently shut down conversations that really needed to happen and made people feel unable to or unsafe or unheard in expressing their needs and boundaries to me. In one instance this behavior made someone feel uncomfortable about ending a relationship with me. For that, too, I deeply apologize.

In any case, I wanted to let everyone know the steps I am taking to hold myself accountable:

  1. I’m not hanging out with minors anymore. I’m an adult and I should have friends who are adults.
  2. I’m going to excuse myself from survivor safe spaces.
  3. I’m going to tell all my future partners both about the incident with the 16 year old, and my emotional self-flagellation tendencies.
  4. I’m talking about these issues with my therapist, who herself is a member of the radical queer community and has extensive experience dealing with radical consent. I am also attending and Intensive Outpatient Program that is helping me with my self-esteem issues.

I am not the first person to post about my actions. Here is a link to another account written by a 3rd party who was pretty removed from this. Though this person doesn’t have an understanding of the accountability efforts I have undertaken, I feel everyone has the right to read it as well. If there’s anything else folks would like me to do in order to hold myself accountable please let me know. My inbox is open. Also, if you would like distance from me or need me to unfollow you, just shoot me a message and it will be done.

Alright, didn’t wanna have to do this twice but okay. I am the “removed third party” and the person who wrote the post linked at the end.

I’m gonna list point by point everything that happened with you and the young girl 

  • You said you two were “dating” and you were happy to have a “sexting” buddy 
  • You briefly talked about having her move in with us. 
  • When confronted on the fact that this was fucked up you lied and said “we didn’t do anything” which I knew to be untrue, and you had already told me you were sexting
  • The next day, you came to apologize to me. Your apology was complete victim blaming and passing the blame along to others as well. You said things like “well she SEEMS older” and “she wanted it to”. You also said you did it because your partner was away for a few weeks and you were lonely. 
  • You neglected to tell this to your current partners. 
  • You brought up AGAIN months later that you wanted to date her again and had to be told it was a bad idea. Obviously, you just don’t learn and will continue doing whatever you want at whatever the cost. 
  • You still continue to pass the blame off on others, ignoring your former friends who demanded accountability and gave you way too many chances. (All we got was this bullshit post and those bullshit messages you sent out.)

And here’s some other stuff I wanted to address

  • You also manufactured consent with someone. You consistently referred to you two as dating when you had never talked about with the person and come to a clear conclusion. You made them afraid to say no to you. 
  • I did read the message you sent out, or at least one of them. And it was complete bullshit. It didn’t mention most of the story of you and the young woman or the manufacturing of consent or any of the emotional manipulation involved or the violating of boundaries and consent. 
  • Your accountability is bullshit. 
  • Also, you may get a notification that I followed you. This was an accident while trying to find this post on your blog and I immediately unfollowed you. 

Here is the TL;DR version: 

  • Milo doesn’t know how to respect boundaries even when they are clearly set 
  • Milo sexted a 16-year old and then did an incredible amount of victim blaming and avoiding accountability. Months later, wanted to date her again 
  • Milo manufactured consent and made someone afraid to say no to dating them.
  • Milo is emotional manipulative and continues to be so even after being told what they were doing was fucked up. 
  • Milo is an unsafe and dangerous person who has been lying and manipulating those around them for their own gain who refuses any real accountability. 

My ask box is open for questions, if needed. 

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Alright, here we go. I’m gonna do a step by step version of why this is bullshit: 

  • You basically said “I’m sorry you were offended” when you should have said “I am sorry I have blatantly violated your boundaries yet again and showed no regard for your safety or mental health.”  
  • I messaged you months ago to unfollow me and you said you would not be having contact with me, but here you are. I made it clear that I said do not return to my blog unless you were reblogging the accountability post, yet you have not done that. Clear violation of boundaries I set down, yet again. 
  • It’s clear at this point that you have seen the post I made about you, yet have not acknowledged it’s presence by reblogging it to show people that you actually gave a damn about accountability. All you did was stalk my blog to (I assume) how many notes it got.
  • I just can’t get over that I literally set these clear cut boundaries and here you are yet again violating them. That post about you was under a read more, meaning you literally had to click an extra link to look at it. It wasn’t like “oh I clicked on your blog and it was the first post” it was “i was on your blog when you clearly expressed that you didn’t want me there and I decided to invade your privacy even more by looking at personal post that you put under a read more.”
  • I don’t need to alter or lie about your behavior or communications with me. Your shitty behavior speaks for itself. 
  • You have proven that your “promises” mean nothing. You have not kept them in the past I do not expect you to keep them in the future. 
  • In short, fuck your “accountability”, fuck all of your bullshit, fuck all of the shit you put me and my family through and fuck you. 

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ive been meaning to make work-related comics forever, so enjoy some choice movie title bastardizations.

(these all actually, seriously, happened, with no humor or awareness on the part of the customer at the time as far as I could tell. so, yes, someone actually asked for a ticket to “Detergent” with a straight face.)

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I love these shows, but by God they have a lot of problems.

Some of the problems are so big I am no longer watching any of these shows. Yes, including Doctor Who which I have been watching since I was a child.

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could you please fill out this quick survey for me?


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