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Makes me proud to be French…. even though I’m not.



OWN YOUR SHIT: Kael T. Block and how “positive” stereotyping of trans men helps to enable rape denial



TRIGGERS: sexual assault and some serious rape apologism

I have an announcement to make. Actually, we should all be in the habit of talking about this every few months at least until a day comes when he is finally accountable, and until our communities do not harbor attitudes that enable this behavior.

Kael T. Block, the founder and photographer of the XX Boys project, is a serial rapist who fled the United States for France in order to avoid prosecution. Based on the information available online, he has sexually assaulted multiple women in the San Francisco Bay Area and at least one in Paris and probably more.

When the details of his behavior became public, all sorts of excuses went flying. He said the survivor is allowed to feel raped, but that doesn’t mean he raped her. His friends said he’s just a dominant who hasn’t mastered safewords, no big deal! Those silly girls are just jealous, mentally unstable, and attention-seeking! And, worst of all, hey, he’s a trans man, not like those other men!

Well thankfully, not everyone bought that. Do watch this video, it is amazing:

I would love to be able to read or see his entire talk, but it has never been made available.

XX Boys currently has 5,984 fans on Facebook. Unsurprisingly, anyone who mentions the fact that it’s run by a rapist has their comments deleted and is blocked from commenting the Wall. This isn’t even Roman Polanski - the guy takes pinup pictures of trans guys. That is all, and apparently he is so vital to the world that the people he has raped have been told to shut up for the good of “the community.”

Do not support this piece of shit, and do not support the transphobic idea that trans men are harmless, elfin dudes who cannot possibly take part in male domination and commit abuse or assault.

Oh and by the way, Lynee Breedlove of Tribe 8 is one of his staunchest defenders. Really. Let’s think before we celebrate queer “heroes” who so quickly go from writing songs about castrating rapists to defending and supporting fellow trans and “feminist” rapists.

More information, including survivor accounts here:


Commentary following the initial community reaction:


French-language story about people standing up to Kael’s presence in queer/feminist space in Paris. Even machine-translated, this comment is awesome:


Signal boosting! I’m still surprised by how few people in Australia queer scene know about Kael’s history as a rapist - but HEAPS of Oz queers know about his art. Just goes to show, queers can be complicit in suppressing information to protect abusers as much as anyone can!

Signal boosting this again, because Kael should never ever be allowed to outrun this by moving to communities where he is less well known. Also, that French story is seriously badass - mass feminist chanting of “rapist out” to making him leave a concert where one of his survivors was. More survivor solidarity in our communities please.

More people need to know about Kael.  This is part of why I point out that trans men are men and not some sort of “men-lite, safe for queer women”.  Mind you, I also will not stand for using this rapist for transphobic bullshit, either.

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