Things I’m Expected To Do for Cis People in Return for Their Not Hating Me: An Angry List


After seeing bidyke’s remix of sanctimonioussilentagony’s list, I thought I’d sketch out the beginnings of one for transsexual folk. Improvements welcome:

  • Answer any and all questions about my body and my medical treatment no matter how invasive
  • Answer questions about my partner’s sexuality
  • Listen to their stories about other trans* people they know
  • Listen to them talk and give them my opinions on trans* celebrities
  • Celebrate with them all fictional depictions of trans* folk, no matter how misrepresentative or outright transphobic
  • Congratulate them on their correct use of names and pronouns
  • Obey when they refer to me incorrectly and tell me that I “must forgive them”
  • Smile sadly and thank them when they tell me how brave I am
  • Use the accessible toilet and be grateful
  • Stay silent if they misidentify me as gay and cis
  • Sympathise with their excuses for their and others’ transphobia
  • Approve their use of the word ‘tranny’
  • Act ‘gendered’ enough but not too ‘gendered’
    • note: these prohibitions overlap with no middle ground
  • Never, ever, express or articulate any kind of sexuality
    • this one may be trans*-woman-specific?
    • actually, I guess not
  • Stay quiet when cis-specific issues are being discussed
  • Never raise trans*-specific issues
  • Never get angry or upset about cissexism and transphobia
  • Never call out cis people on cissexism and transphobia
  • Not mention specific legal protections for transsexual people to my employers
  • Only be transsexual without having any other identities
  • Silently excuse myself from activities and events which structurally exclude me
  • Do so without raising any attention or being noticed by anybody
  • Not hang out with too many other trans* people or seek trans*-only space
  • Never repost Asher’s “Die Cis Scum”
  • If I die, die quietly, and never blame them.
  • Never myself say or otherwise express “Die Cis Scum”

(via femmadilemma)