this is also a participant in the assault on me

Disagreeing with you =/- assault.

You are a fucking moron.

And you’re a fucking twit.

I already know all the information.

Stop confusing assault for disagreeing with you. Stop confusing assault for people wanting the company of fellow friends/allies when talking to someone they may otherwise not be comfortable talking to on their own. After all, you’re a well known bully. I wouldn’t want to talk to you alone either; I’d ask for friends to join me just in case you got abusive. 

Stop twisting everyone’s words and behavior to make it seem like you were actually attacked, because you weren’t. 

Keep on being a friend to the patriarchy, your MRA overlords must be pleased with you.

Disagreement, even heated disagreement, is not “assault” or “attack.”

Publishing people’s personal information on the Internet, as well as taking their words from unrelated discussions grossly out of context and aggressively edited to remove them from not only the conversation they were part of but the individual post they were part of, is an attack - specifically it’s a form of slander, since you’re spreading false information about someone with the intent to defame.

Deliberately outing a queer person to their family, school, place of employment, or even a recreational athletic group to which they belong, for the purpose of causing them direct personal harm, definitely is an attack.

Bug gets NO leeway to claim people are attacking her for trying to engage her. Not when she is actually engaging in literal attacks against people’s livelihoods and lives.

^^^^ That.  What is it with the people who cause personal harm to others, like Brennan and Bachmann, acting like people disagreeing with them, talking back to them, is assault?

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