Come out THIS FRIDAY, November 16th,  in support of Papa John’s Pizza. Their CEO said months ago that Obamacare would cause raised prices, laid off workers, and shortened shifts.

Many leftists are now shocked at this news, even though Papa John’s and many other employers/businesses have had to take similar steps. It is quite clear that they simply do not understand how a business works.

It’s alarmingly obvious that either John Schnatter doesn’t know how a business works, or he hopes that his customers don’t. According to Forbes (hardly a left-wing rag, is it?), complying with the Affordable Care Act will raise the operating expenses of Papa John’s by less than 1%, leaving their profits almost entirely intact.

They’re not going to lose money. They’re not going to go broke. They’re going to continue to make millions, minus between four tenths and eight tenths of a percent of the total they would otherwise have made.

These layoffs and shortened shifts aren’t a result of “Obamacare”. They’re a political temper tantrum by millionaires who believe that not giving up less than a penny from a dollar is more important than taking care of the people whose existence makes their business work.

The fact that millionaires and billionaires think that everyone is ignorant of how businesses work and can’t do maths says a lot about their arrogance and why they feel justified in engaging in class warfare like this.

They have always been able to profit by emotionally blackmailing the public while selling them food of dubious quality, made by people who could be in any state of health.

How is insisting that your food prep workers don’t need healthcare not a PUBLIC HEALTH issue?

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