"Go onto 4chan, look at the intense anti-autistic sentiment bubbling within! They toss ‘autistic’ and even ‘Asperger’s’ as insults and post stories of autists they’ve encountered mocking their behaviors! If Tumblr hadn’t turned autism into the ridicule it is, then 4chan would have an entirely different attitude towards it!"

- countesclarmonde

wow. so fucking 4chan is the weathervane by which your world turns.

seriously, after reading that i’m wondering why are people arguing with this tool.

also, i love it, it’s autistics on tumblr that have made autism a joke and have garnered the well-deserved scorn of their neurotypical peers, not, you know, the ableist jerkholes you’re backing for some reason??

also, using the term ‘tumblerinas’ in all seriousness, good game but you can go on home now.

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explaining autism

Holy fuck Arthur was on some next level shit

Oh my god

Hello, yes, let’s actually break down this episode shall we?

This episode features not one, but TWO autism spectrum characters (one never appears onscreen, but does play a significant role in the plot of the episode). Both are portrayed as highly intelligent, talented, and worthy of dignity. Both characters are DIAGNOSED Aspies. This is important, because while Carl coincides with the generation of children post-1993 who were diagnosed early in life, the uncle discussed later is an adult, and as such was probably not diagnosed until adulthood. And his diagnosis is accepted as valid, and his opinion is acknowledged.

Furthermore, Carl’s portrayal (while simplified) actually makes an attempt at realism. His autistic behaviors aren’t merely focused on social interaction. He actually has an on-screen meltdown, complete with stimming. And it is acknowledged as A Thing that Happens, without trying to justify why it someone else thinks it SHOULDN’T.

Also, look at the way that George reacts to Carl. He actively pursues a friendship with him, enjoys his company, and isn’t offended when Carl doesn’t reciprocate his social cues. More importantly, George MODIFIES his behavior to make Carl more comfortable. He doesn’t try to come up with reasons why Carl should modify HIS relationship with the world around him. He is eager to teach Carl AND to learn from him.

Finally, this episode centers around a puzzle piece. And while my first reaction was to cringe away with disgust, especially when the piece goes missing (that terminology sounds familiar, doesn’t it?), but here’s the interesting part: by the end of the episode the piece gets located. And as it turns out, it was never actually missing to begin with.

And all of this happened on a kid’s television show about anthropomorphic animals. Now explain to me again how mainstream media can’t handle an autistic character.

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Who will care for allistic children when they become allistic adults




I mean god, look at all the horrible things allistic children do when they grow up, esp to autistic folks.


omg this is why we need to cure all those poor allistic children of their allism before they reproduce and make more allistics!!! 

Oh god we can’t allow that. That’s far too many people making disturbing eye contact and touching people without permission. Allistic behaviors are just a problem.

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today we were talking about autistic people having inclination towards special interests. I realized mine are pop culture and BDSM


like I never stop talking about that. and it is related to everything i think. like i have to make a conscious effort not to talk about random facts about movies/shows/music or how i like really kinky stuff. it is really difficult for me to center things around stuff other than that (or like privilege dynamics and queer theory). idk

One of my special interests is sex.  This tends to make my life awkward.  (No, I am not kidding.)

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News Flash!



Cause I’m tired of seeing this. Being autistic doesn’t mean you are transgender or lgbt. Being transgender or lgbt does not mean you are autistic. Autism and gender/sexual identity are two different things.

People are saying that?  O_O

Hang on, people are saying that?  o.O

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Has anyone done “Autism Pick Up Lines”?






It seems like someone would have by now. 

Things like “You’re my special interest”. I dunno.

It might be fun.

“Hey. Wanna stim together?”

“You make me go non-verbal.”

“Just so you know, I have trouble with eye contact.” [said whilst staring intently at breasts/ass/genital area]

“So… How about you help out with my oral fixation?”

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Spectrum Kid Problems: Neurotypical/Allisic folk all assume that you want to be “cured”

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Baron Cohen

Read More

Oh, I love the bullshit that is Baron Cohen.

Aim- to investigate if Autistic adutls lack advanced theory of mind skills

Yup, because I don’t know that you have a mind. And can think for yourself. Just like animals.

Method - Each participant was presented with the Eyes task, Heppe’s strange stories and two control tasks (Gender recognition and basic emotion recognition) in a random order. 

Ah, the eyes task. Checking to see if we recognize the emotion in a pair of eyes. So because I can’t recognize the emotion that you’re giving in a pair of eyes….that means I lack theory of mind? That I don’t have the ability to know that you are thinking and thinking differently than me?


  • A key part of Autism is that they lack theory of mind.

Appara-fucking-ly so! I guess that means I’m a big, dumb animal who doesn’t know other human beings have the ability to have independent thoughts! All because I would have missed, on average, 4 cards more than your average human being! I lack theory of mind! Well, isn’t this a straightforward answer and not a huge logical leap!/sarcasmalltheway


  • Small sample
  • Low ratio of females
  • Lab experiment
  • Ecological validity

You forgot “Sexism” and “Logical leaps so high Superman couldn’t make them”.

OP, are you aware the not only is Simon Baron-Cohen rife with bigotry, he’s also a bullshit scientists. Have you read his academic journals? Because I have. They’re the biggest heap of self-referential crap, and I do mean that. Among the citations for his studies were other scholarly journals WRITTEN BY HIMSELF. His studies are garbage, as illustrated by the study you posted.

So basically, get this fuckery away from me.

Citing yourself is fairly common practice in science. Like, you build up your project one step at a time, publish along the way, cite the previous papers with each new one.

As long as you’re doing legit science, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s when you’re making stuff up that things start going wrong.

The idea that we lack a theory of mind is the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard.  Especially when it’s established by testing us with some weird stuff that only shows we perceive things differently from allistic people and as though we’re incapable of communicating our thoughts and ideas.  Wondering if we have a theory of mind?  How about asking us?  FFS.

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also, this website:



Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical

“What Is NT?

Neurotypical syndrome is a neurobiological disorder characterized by preoccupation with social concerns, delusions of superiority, and obsession with conformity.

Neurotypical individuals often assume that their experience of the world is either the only one, or the only correct one. NTs find it difficult to be alone. NTs are often intolerant of seemingly minor differences in others. When in groups NTs are socially and behaviorally rigid, and frequently insist upon the performance of dysfunctional, destructive, and even impossible rituals as a way of maintaining group identity. NTs find it difficult to communicate directly, and have a much higher incidence of lying as compared to persons on the autistic spectrum.

NT is believed to be genetic in origin. Autopsies have shown the brain of the neurotypical is typically smaller than that of an autistic individual and may have overdeveloped areas related to social behavior.

How Common Is It?

Tragically, as many as 9625 out of every 10,000 individuals may be neurotypical.

Are There Any Treatments For NT?

There is no known cure for Neurotypical Syndrome.

However, many NTs have learned to compensate for their disabilities and interact normally with autistic persons.

Could I be NT?

Take the Online NT Screening Test.

Papers and Abstracts

The Theory of Social Delusion
NT Social Skills Deficiencies: A Case Study
The Sal and Anne Test: Implications, and Theory of MindRiviera N. The Sal and Annie Test: Implications, and Theory of Mind. Journal of Neurologic Obfuscation. 1998(8):302-987
Pheromone of Social Delusion: Theory, Discovery and Primary Test Results.
DSN entry for Staff Personality Disorder (added 30 Aug 2004)DSN entry for Normal Personality DisorderDSN entry for Pseudosimultaneous Awareness DisorderDSN entry for Psychiatry Disorder
NT Theory of Mind

About This Site

This site is an expression of autistic outrage.

About a year ago I learned I was on the autistic spectrum. Inspired by this discovery, I read everything I could get my hands on about the autistic spectrum. Much of it makes sense— for the first time in 41 years, I had a description, albiet an unexpected one, that fit me.

But a lot of what I’ve found out there, mostly written by “experts” and “professionals”, has been arrogant, insulting, and just plain wrong. My bête noire of the moment is finding my emotions described as “flat”. As someone with considerably greater expertise in my emotions than the “experts”, I can state unequivocally that my emotions are not “flat”. They are different, yes, but they are most certainly not “flat.”

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be fired up over being described as “lacking empathy”. Or I’ll be outraged at an exceptionally clueless “training” method being inflicted upon autistic kids. Or maybe it will be some new paper written by some “expert” from the perspective that neurotypical perception is correct, and my brain is a genetic mistake.

My brain is a jewel. I am in awe of the mind that I have. I and my experience of life is not inferior, and may be superior, to the NT experience of life.

Hence, this “Institute”. Persons on the autistic spectrum and NT supporters are invited to submit papers to the Institute, and to share your observations in “Current Research” (the guestbook).”

This is just beautiful.

I love this so much.

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That awkward moment when you want to talk to your friend and realise you’re non-verbal right now.

Oh, life, you are so challenging.

Thank goodness for things like computers and texting so I can still communicate.  Though admittedly I do pretty well with non-verbal, too.  :-)

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[tw: ableist violence]

“Both are autistic. I don’t want my kids to be like that. I want normal kids.”


A mother on the call to 911 after killing her two autistic children.

Tell me again how your “awareness” is helping us.

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The most disgusting thing about this is that there are people out there who think this is acceptable. That people with autism aren’t people at all, and can have their lives stolen willy-nilly. Fuck.

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And they do defend the parents/caretakers EVERY time.  I don’t even bother reading the comments on news articles anymore.  Because I know I’ll just rage and hate myself for days.

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Here comes another grandiose misconception. Autistic self-advocates, with some exceptions, are not people who “don’t see autism as a disability.” If you don’t believe me, read closely the following sentences:

1.) I am Autistic.
2.) I am a self-advocate.
3.) I believe autism is a disability.

If you didn’t catch that, please scroll up a little and read that again.

I do believe that disability is entirely defined by society, but because of our society and our history, yes, being Autistic means that I am disabled. All Autistic people are disabled. Some Autistic people might be more disabled than other Autistic people, but if you are Autistic, you are automatically disabled.


http://autistichoya.blogspot.co.uk(bolding mine)


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"“I don’t understand how awareness campaigns led to the death of that boy.”

Seriously? Did you listen to ANY Autistic yesterday?

Awareness is not the same as acceptance. This “awareness” campaign is not something we asked for, nor do we want. “Awareness,” as interpreted by A$ and Light it up Blue, makes things much more dangerous for us. Are you aware that whole campaign yesterday was led by the organization which released a video in which their then-Vice President said she wanted to kill herself and her Autistic child, IN FRONT OF HER CHILD? What do you think happens when organizations which are supposed to be leaders in the “autism community” make statements like that to parents? Or release video after video about how autism will destroy their lives?

Another example. In 1996 Charles-Antoine Blais was drowned by his mother, Danielle. The Quebec Autism Society rallied to her defense, holding demonstrations and protests. Parents, like the ones in yesterday’s awareness campaign, showered Blais with letters of support. About how understandable it was to want to murder your Autistic child, because they’re such a burden, and autism is so terrible.

She got off with community service, and then was hired to work with parents of Autistic kids, because she was such a great role model for parents.

This is what your fearmongering brings, your 1 in 88, your “more children than cancer, AIDS, and diabetes combined.” Your “awareness” of what a terrible epidemic this is, and posturing us as diseased, broken, unwanted burdens. You create this climate that we have to live in.

And you won’t stop no matter how many of us tell you it’s killing us.

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Please don’t wear blue tomorrow.





I don’t care if your favorite shirt is blue. I don’t care if you love blue so much you bathe in blueberries every night. 

Don’t wear blue.

If you can, please wear orange, but if that’s not plausible, ANYTHING BUT BLUE.

Because fuck Autism Speaks.

Pink, I think…

No worries.  Autism Speaks needs to STFU.

Well, unless the OP wants to paypal me some money to buy a new pair of pants tomorrow, I will be wearing blue because the only pants I own are jeans. Wait, even that wouldn’t work, because I would have to wear the jeans to go buy non-blue jeans. What about people whose work or school uniforms are blue? Should they just stay home? Give me a break.

Look, I hate Autism Speaks, but the OP needs to STFU, too.

Look, I realise you’re probably not intending to be a dick but you’re being a dick.  Jeans are not the sort of blue AS had in mind as you might have picked up from the context of the OP talking about a blue shirt and not blue jeans.  Blue jeans are dead common and don’t really convey much meaning beyond the wearer wants to wear jeans.  But get down with your righteous anger and derailing from the point if you really do want to be a dick about it.  But if you do, just do me a favour and unfollow my autie arse, okay?