[TW: T-word] GetEQUAL’s Nelson Garcia Launches Transphobic, Ableist Tirade Against NYT Critics


I know you’ll all be shocked to hear that yet another cis-gay activist affiliated with a major LGB(t) organization has publicly revealed himself to be a trans-exterminationist. This time it’s Nelson Garcia of GetEQUAL who has released a post on his blog criticizing GLAAD and others for “bullying” the New York Times over their widely criticized coverage of the death of Lorena Escalera.

Garcia characterized critics of the coverage as “a bunch of bipolar tr***ies and other assorted characters upset that she was getting some and they’re sitting at home pretending.”  Classy.

Whether or not GetEQUAL will attempt to distance themselves from Garcia or his comments remains to be seen, but if history is any indication, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Same old, same old.



(via Political cartoon: The End Of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell | Alas, a Blog)

Yeah, this is pretty much what it feels like.




“History is being made today for the lesbian, gay, bi, and respective non-heterosexual communities the US Military policy Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) officially is repealed. Everyone is celebrating, and I’m celebrating too, but I have to admit I’m more jaded than joyful. Today as the LGB military is coming out, trans* military is being left out….”


UGH THANK YOU. I keep pfffting at all the hubbub about this repeal, at the fact that just because people can legally be out doesn’t mean they are safe, and especially at the fact that TRANS* PEOPLE WERE NOT THOUGHT OF AT ALL. Not impressed by your faux progress, America.

LGBT, where the T is silent.

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