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I really don’t understand all these people supporting Ce-Ce. Ce-Ce was verbally abused for being trans, and yes that should never have happened. But Ce-Ce KILLED a man for that verbal abuse. And of course that should lead to a prison sentence.

Or do you think just because someone is trans you should defend everything they do?

I really don’t understand how anybody could look at that and not consider it a matter of self-defense. CeCe was running away from a life-or-death fight that she didn’t start. The man she killed was chasing her down. 

Or do you think just because someone is trans you should attack everything they do?

Not only was she being chased, she had just been smashed in the face with a glass by one of the people who had been insulting her.

It should amaze me that some assholes are utterly glossing over the fact that there was more than just a verbal altercation in this case. They just absolutely have to hold on to the idea of a violent black trans women in spite of publicly available evidence. Wonder why that might be.

on things staying the same…(Sylvia Rivera being awesome and reflections of the past)


I think the most striking thing about this video is not how sincerely excellent Sylvia Rivera is in the video and how she shouts and yells and speaks to spite the radfems and white queers who sought to silence her…

What strikes me is how little has changed.

She talks about going to jail. (see CeCe McDonald)

She talks about being raped. (see the recent case in Sweden)

She talks about how these things impact twoc and has to fucking shouting to be heard.

Aren’t we still shouting? Aren’t we still having the *exact* same battles with radfems?

As much as Sylvia inspires me this video depresses me.

Trans WoC are still dying, being raped, and being purposely excluded from groups that exploit their activism, their words, their anger, their bodies.

I had the same reaction when I watched the video.  As happy as I was to see her stand up to the people trying to silence her, the fact that she could have been talking today underscores how basically nothing has changed.  Oh, except how we don’t have her any more.  :’(

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CeCe McDonald
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Still remembering and still caring.  Sometimes it seems like remembering our dead is all we can do.

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On April 17th, call, email, and fax Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman and demand he drop the charges against CeCe. This time, we are extending the call-in to include Assistant Attorney Marlene Senechal, head of adult prosecution.

!!NEW!! Please CC on all your e-mails. Also please send us an e-mail with the time of your calls & faxes.


While Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald is being prosecuted for murder after being violently attacked for her race and gender, Freeman’s office recently declined to prosecute the killer of Darrell Evanovich, a black man who was shot dead by a white man after an alleged robbery. While no person should be thrown to the mercy of the soulless, so-called “justice” system, the fact that CeCe is on trial after being assaulted, while a white man who killed someone after chasing them down is touted as a “good Samaritan,” highlights the racist and transphobic nature of the prosecution of CeCe. Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman and Marlene Senechal have the power to drop the charges against CeCe. So far, though, he has implicitly sided with CeCe’s white supremacist attackers by failing to acknowledge the racist, transphobic assault that she survived as a mitigating factor in the unintentional death of Dean Schmitz.

When: Tuesday, April 17th, ALL DAY

Where:From home, work, wherever you find yourself!

What: Call Michael Freeman at 612-348-5540, fax at 612-348-2042, and email at

Call Marlene Senechal at 612-348-5561, fax at 612-348-3061, and email at

!!NEW!! Please CC on all your e-mails. Also please send us an e-mail with the time of your calls & faxes.

Remember to remain polite but assertive. Some key points to mention in your calls, emails, and faxes are:

  • Identify yourself as a supporter, friend, family member, or community member calling about Ms. Chrishaun McDonald’s case.
  • Tell the County Attorney’s Office why you’re concerned: Ms. McDonald was the target of a hate crime, but she was singled out for aggressive prosecution after the attack.
  • County Attorney Freeman has declined to press charges in cases like this at least three times already this year. Remind him that he has the power to drop the charges against Ms. McDonald.
  • Tell Freeman and Senechal not to side with Ms. McDonald’s white supremacist attackers: drop the charges against Ms. McDonald.

Tell Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman and Assistant Attorney Marlene Senechal to take a stand against hate, racism, and transphobia. Tell Freeman and Senechal to DROP THE CHARGES against Chrishaun McDonald!

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Thank you so much Laverne Cox for such a great article on the The Huffington Post! Spread the word about CeCe, join the fight against racist transphobia!

Jenna Talackova Can Compete, But the Fight Against Trans Injustice Rages On

Priorities people.

Love you CeCe <3

Love to you, Cece.  <3

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These are graph from “Injustice at Every Turn” showing rate of sexual assault in jail/prison. The first graph is the rates of sexual assaults for trans women by race. The rates break down as follows:

  • Nineteen percent of all trans women who went to jail/prison
  • Thirty-eight percent of Black trans women
  • Thirty percent of America Indians trans women
  • Twenty-five percent of trans Latinas
  • Twenty-four percent of multiracial trans women
  • Twelve percent of White trans women
  • Too small of a sample to report for Asian Pacific Islander trans women

According to “Injustice at Every Turn,” a report of institutionalized discrimination against trans people: “Transgender women of color were particularly vulnerable to sexual assault in jail/prison. Thirty-eight percent (38%) of Black [trans women] respondents reported being sexually assaulted by either another inmate or a staff member in jail/prison.”

Multiracial, Latina, Black and American Indian trans women are twice to more then three times as likely as White trans women to be sexually assaulted in prison.

This is the only statistic in the report that simultaneously accounts for both the race and gender of participants. Taken by themselves trans women and trans people of color experience higher rates of discrimination than trans men, nonbinary and white trans people.

The second graph shows sexual assault rates in prison/jail by gender. The rates are for trans women:

  • Eighteen percent by inmates
  • Seven percent by staff
  • Twenty percent by anyone

For trans men:

  • Two percent by inmates
  • Four percent by staff
  • Six percent by anyone

For all trans people:

  • Fourteen percent by inmates
  • Seven percent by staff
  • Sixteen percent by anyone

Gender nonconforming people:

  • Six percent by inmates
  • Four percent by staff
  • Eight percent by anyone

Trans women in jail/prison are three to nine times as likely to be sexually assaulted by inmates, nearly twice as likely to be sexually assaulted by staff, and about three (2.5 - 3.33) times as likely to be sexually assaulted by anyone when compared to trans men and gender nonconforming people in jail/prison.

The third graph shows sexual assault rates in prison/jail by race. These break down for all trans people who went to jail/prison:

  • Thirteen percent by inmates
  • Six percent by staff
  • Fifteen percent by anyone

American Indian (sample size too small for reliable analysis):

  • Twenty-seven percent by inmates
  • Eighteen percent by staff
  • Twenty-seven percent by anyone

Asian Pacific Islander (sample size too small for reliable analysis):

  • Six percent by inmates
  • Six percent by staff
  • Eleven percent by anyone


  • Thirty-two percent by inmates
  • Nine percent by staff
  • Thirty-four percent by anyone


  • Twenty-one percent by inmates
  • Seven percent by staff
  • Twenty-four percent by anyone


  • Seven percent by inmates
  • Four percent by staff
  • Nine percent by anyone


  • Fourteen percent by inmates
  • Eight percent by staff
  • Sixteen percent by anyone

With a similar break down to that of the first graph showing race and gender, trans people of color in jail/prison are significantly more likely to be sexually assaulted when compared to White trans people in jail/prison.

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This Is What Happened to CeCe

This is a guest post by Redlark. Redlark is a white, lower-middle-class queer activist working a pink collar union gig in the Twin Cities. They are working with an amazing group of friends and allies of CeCe McDonald to get CeCe’s charges dropped and help her move back into her normal life.

Cece McDonald stood up to bigots and survived a hate crime. Now she’s in the county jail waiting to be tried for second degree murder.

This is a story about intersectionality – what happens when a young trans woman of color goes up against white supremacy, misogyny and transphobia. It’s a story about what happens when you have to fight for your life.

It began last June, the night of the 5th, when Cece and her friends – all young, black and queer – decided that they wanted to walk to the grocery store.

The grocery store in question is in south Minneapolis just off Lake Street, the busy, polluted, vital artery running from the wealthy white neighborhoods by the lakes through blocks of working class, multiracial, immigrant businesses before it ends in upmarket gentrification at the river. The grocery store is between the police station and the the light rail in a historically contested neighborhood where communities meet, mix and sometimes contend: the older white working class who bought in during the seventies and eighties meets immigrants from Mexico, Somalia and Central America who came looking for work or for political refuge; Native people still under the gun of colonization; African-Americans who’ve lived in Minneapolis for generations or arrived from Chicago or New Orleans in the last few years; students, punks and radicals, mostly but not exclusively white, gentrifiers or born in the neighborhood.

To get to the store, the group had to walk past a dive bar called the Schooner.

Dean Schmitz and his friends were standing outside the Schooner’s side door. All were older – Dean was 47 – and all were white. When they saw CeCe and her friends walk by, they started yelling – “faggots” “chicks with dicks” “n*****s” – a litany of vile abuse targeted at a group of much younger strangers.

CeCe McDonald has a strong sense of justice – she decided to confront Dean and his friends. So she and her group walked toward the bar.

Before we go any further, let’s talk about CeCe.

She’s 23, a college student in fashion design, a trans woman, Black, femme, very funny and widely known to be a generous person – a woman who housed and took care of her chosen family of younger queer and trans folks. Her friends call her Honee Bea.

CeCe is someone who fights for social change who even from jail has been urging her supporters to help other victims of white supremacy – including the family of Jaime Gonzalez, who was killed by the Texas police while he was at school.

She is someone who has faith in herself, in her community, in her values. “Love is inevitable and overcomes any and all things,” she writes.

CeCe and her friends are brave and tough, strong enough to walk around being visible in a world that attacks and criminalizes you if you’re young and African-American, and doubles the assault if you’re young and African-American and trans and femme.

You probably know – if you’re trans you definitely know – that trans women of color face incredible, staggering rates of violence and homicide. In most places it is essentially legal to discriminate against trans people in housing, employment and social services. As a result, trans people, especially trans women, are socially vulnerable in all kinds of ways – and vulnerable turns into “criminalized”, whether it’s because you can’t change your legal documents to match your gender or because you’re homeless and panhandling or because you’re doing sex work to make the rent…or because you have to fight to keep yourself safe

Trans people are ten to fifteen times more likely to have been incarcerated than cis people. Nearly half of all African-American trans people have spent time in the prison system.

Seventy percent of the GLBTQ people murdered in 2010 were people of color. Forty-four percent were trans women.

If you’re vulnerable, you have to wonder – will someone assault you? Will you survive? Will anyone help you? That’s a pretty heavy thing to carry around in the back of your mind every day.

CeCe and her friends knew the statistics, but they still dared to rebuke hatred when it spoke. They walked up the Dean Schmitz and his group, and CeCe told him that her crew would not tolerate hate speech.

But hatred hits back. One of Dean Schmitz’s friends told them, “I’ll take you bitches on,” and smashed her glass into Cece’s face, puncturing her cheek and badly lacerating her salivary gland.

There was a fight. Multiple people were involved. At the end, CeCe was on the ground in a pool of her own blood. Dean Schmitz was dead.

When the cops came, Cece was the only one they arrested. They took her to jail, withheld medical treatment, and sometime in the small hours got her to sign a confession. She recanted it as soon as she was able to do so.

Later, the medical examiner discovered a swastika tattoo on Dean Schmitz’s body.

Let’s talk about white supremacy, because this it haunts this case.

White supremacy is a system, and it runs on routine plus terror. The routine is the dull grind of discrimination – the stop-and-frisks of youth of color in the hope of finding something to get their fingerprints are in the system, the heavy policing in black neighborhoods and the heavy discipline in schools when kids of color are involved, the biased, expensive court system, the unspoken but obvious job discrimination and always, always the white supremacist narrative in mainstream culture saying that people of color deserve what they get.

And then there’s terror. Whether it’s the Jim Crow South or the modern North, it’s the knowledge that at any time you can be attacked, hurt, killed and no one will do anything. That your body, your life, your friends’ lives could always be on the line.

Terror keeps the machine humming. If you act up – if you talk back – anything might happen to you.
An interesting thing about prosecutor Michael Freeman: in the last year, he’s dropped charges against three people who killed accidentally while fighting for their lives. But he’s leaning on CeCe to plead guilty, and he initially persuaded the court to set her bail at an outrageous $500,000 – as if CeCe, the injured survivor of a hate crime, was some kind of risk to her community.

The court system isn’t neutral.

If you haven’t been on the wrong end of the legal system, it’s very easy to assume that the courts will sort everything out. Privileged people – white people, middle class people, cis people – can grow up identifying with the court system and with the idea of “neutrality” – especially when articulate white men in nice suits are talking. Something happened, privileged folks think, and the courts will figure it out, they’ll assign blame correctly, someone will pay a debt to society, and all’s well that ends well.

Here is what really happens: CeCe is in jail. Visiting is severely restricted, so getting a trans activist in to see her so that her friends can find her a trans-friendly lawyer is difficult. That lawyer has to work for free, because CeCe doesn’t have enough money and neither do her friends, and all her support committee’s money is going for bail. It takes a month to get meaningful treatment for injuries from the night of the attack, so her cheek swells up with a lump the size of a golf ball. She gets put in solitary “for her own protection” – which means ‘because she’s trans’ – and the support committee has to organize call-ins to get her out.

In order for a prisoner to be able to call you, you have to pay a monthly charge to a phone security service, and her friends are struggling to get work. So money has to be found for that. And the trial date has been moved once. Every time a trial date is set, her support committee mobilizes people — thirty or forty people have taken vacation days or changed their schedules so they could show up. Will it be moved again?

It’s easier and cheaper for the court system when people plead guilty, and it results in a politically-useful higher conviction rate. In the United States, the number of plea-bargains has skyrocketed in the last two decades and the number of actual trials has gone way down.

This is how the courts get people to take a plea – prisoners get tired and worn and confused and low in spirits, so they plead guilty just for a little certainty and an end to the ordeal. And many, many of those are people of color.

This isn’t just about CeCe. It’s about the way young women are harassed and assaulted every day in every city. It’s about the way trans women are treated as disposable and the way black youth are criminalized. It’s about the constant social violence by which white supremacy, transphobia and misogyny are maintained.

And it’s about whose experience counts. When we believe CeCe, we’re saying that we hear trans women, we hear youth of color and we believe what they say about their own lives. We name racism, we name violence, we name prejudice – and we refuse them with all the strength we have.

We need to get the charges against CeCe dropped. There’s precedent, the prosecutor has the authority and a victory here would be a victory for so many people – for CeCe, for her community and friends, for youth of color and trans youth who face violence and hatred. To do this, we need to get Michael Freeman to listen. We need voices. We need media.

We need to make it clear to Michael Freeman that this case is visible – we aren’t going to forget about CeCe no matter how often the trial gets moved, and we aren’t going to forget about any miscarriage of justice, either.

You can call Michael Freeman at 612-348-5540, fax at 612-348-2042, and email at

Remember to remain polite but don’t be afraid to be assertive. Some key points to mention in your calls, emails, and faxes are:

*Identify yourself as a supporter, friend, family member, or community member calling about Ms. Chrishaun McDonald’s case.

*Tell the County Attorney’s Office why you’re concerned: Ms. McDonald was the target of a hate crime, but she was singled out for aggressive prosecution after the attack.

*County Attorney Freeman has declined to press charges in cases like this at least three times already this year. Remind him that he has the power to drop the charges against Ms. McDonald.

Tell Freeman not to side with Ms. McDonald’s white supremacist attackers: drop the charges against Ms. McDonald.

For more information and new developments: You can sign the petition calling for Michael Freeman to drop CeCe’s charges here.


Hello community of CeCe supporters.

On January 4th, CeCe McDonald was told by her attorney that a bench warrant was issued for her, for two alleged violations of her conditions of release. Her PO alleges that she tampered with her electronic monitoring device for twelve hours; it was argued in court that this could have been a mechanical issue and that the state hasn’t provided evidence that CeCe was responsible. And though on previous occasions CeCe has passed the random drug tests she’s been required to take, she tested positive for THC on December 29th. On the afternoon of January 4th, CeCe turned herself in to the court and on January 5th, she appeared for a hearing on these allegations in a courtroom packed with supporters.

Judge Moreno heard arguments from both sides. The defense asked for the lowering of her bail so CeCe’s community could raise money for her release, and reminded the court that CeCe is not any more a threat to society than she was before the alleged violations. The defense also reminded the court that McDonald already has a job working at a local café and has been trusted to go to and from doctor’s appointments and work in the past, with no problems.

Judge Moreno ruled against CeCe, and set her bail at $500,000. Her trial is not scheduled to start until April 30, 2012.

Supporters will continue to spread the word about the injustice McDonald is suffering in the legal system, and to demand that Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman drop the charges against her.

here’s a page with the information about contacting the County Attorney’s Office, as well as more info about what’s going on (link):

Call Michael Freeman at 612-348-5540, fax at 612-348-2042, and email at
Call Marlene Senechal at 612-348-5561, fax at 612-348-3061, and email at

Remember to remain polite but assertive. Some key points to mention in your calls, emails, and faxes are:

* Identify yourself as a supporter, friend, family member, or community member calling about Ms. Chrishaun McDonald’s case.
* Tell the County Attorney’s Office why you’re concerned: Ms. McDonald was the target of a hate crime, but she was singled out for aggressive prosecution after the attack.
* County Attorney Freeman has declined to press charges in cases like this at
least three times already this year. Remind him that he has the power to drop
the charges against Ms. McDonald.
* Tell Freeman and Senechal not to side with Ms. McDonald’s white supremacist attackers: drop the charges against Ms. McDonald.

some online free faxing places:

also, here’s where to donate to CeCe’s support fund (link).

more details on what she’s been through/going through are here (link) [WARNINGS: more talk of violence (by the attackers & by the “justice” system) against a black trans woman — assault/cissexism/racism/misogyny/racist, cissexist & gay-bashing slurs/misgendering/victim-blaming/abuse in prison]

sorry i was useless wrt the most recent support actions.

Signal boosting.

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The U.S. government’s case against Kenneth Furr, the Metropolitan Police Department officer who allegedly shot at a group of five people in a car, including at least two transgender women, in the city’s Sursum Corda neighborhood in August, was delayed further Dec. 19 when both Assistant U.S. Attorney Lara Worm and Furr’s defense lawyer, Harold Martin, asked Judge Ann O’Regan Keary for a continuance.

Keary granted the request, scheduling a felony status conference for Jan. 27, 2012. Worm had told Keary at a Nov. 4 hearing that the government was close to offering a plea deal to Furr, who remains held without bond as he awaits a grand jury indictment on one count of assault with a dangerous weapon. However, at a subsequent hearing on Nov. 18, Worm and Martin had still not reached an agreement on the terms of a plea deal.

Jan. 27 will mark Furr’s fifth felony status conference without a grand jury indictment. If the lawyers are unable to reach an agreement, and the government remains intent on prosecuting Furr, they would then move forward with an indictment, followed by a trial.

According to charging documents, Furr was arrested during the early morning hours of Aug. 26 after he exited his car and shot at the other car with the five individuals following an initial altercation at a CVS store and a subsequent collision between the two vehicles. Furr allegedly approached one of the transgender women at the CVS, leading to an altercation. Furr then pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the group, pushing them inside the store, where they told the on-duty security officer that they were being threatened, according to the documents.

The charging documents detail the larger group following Furr after the initial altercation, both parties in vehicles; the collision between the two; and Furr exiting his car to fire at the group. Officers responding to the crime scene smelled alcohol on Furr’s breath. When his breath was tested five hours later, Furr had a blood-alcohol level of .15, almost twice the legal limit.

Again, Furr’s violent actions are being minimized in the press, particularly the “gay” press. Like previous articles, this one makes it sound like no one got hurt. Yet, the fact is, as was previously reported: “Two of the transgender women and one of the male friends suffered …  gunshot wounds in the incident.”

Furr literally jumped on the hood of the car and started shooting the people inside with a Metropolitan Police Department issued gun while screaming, ”Ima kill all of you.” It’s hard to believe that Furr wasn’t shooting to kill every person in that car. This seems like an open and shut case, and a single charge of assault with a dangerous weapon seems ridiculously light to begin with given the severity of Furr’s actions.

I can’t help but think if the survivors were White cis women, as opposed to trans women of color, and Furr wasn’t a White police officer that this case would be taken more seriously.

But, yeah, the survivors of Furr’s violent attack were actually originally treated as if they were the perpetrators: “Based on reports from community members who have spoken with the women attacked by Furr, they were handcuffed by police and ‘treated like criminals instead of victims.’”

As targets of violence at the intersection of institutionalized White supremacy, cis supremacy, and male supremacy, it seems unlikely that trans women of color can receive equitable and just treatment from the criminal (in)justice system.

All of that commentary.  This is how the system protects police and how the system doesn’t give a shit about trans women of colour except when it can lock them up as criminals or report on their deaths (and misname and misgender them while doing so).  If we’re going to have a system of equal justice, why is he not being charged with multiple counts of attempted murder?  Oh, right, because he’s a cop and who cares about trans women of colour?  Got it.



Minneapolis, MN – In a clear retaliatory move against Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald for her earlier refusal of a plea bargain, the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office amended the complaint against her this afternoon, October 6, adding a charge of 2nd degree murder with intent in addition to her previous charge of 2nd degree murder without intent. Additionally, the prosecution hinted at a motion to raise bail but did not, in the end, raise the motion, since McDonald has already been released on bond. McDonald maintains that she has been falsely accused, noting that the incident that resulted in Dean Schmitz’s death began when she was violently attacked for her race and gender while walking to the grocery store. McDonald was released on bail earlier this week.

Supporters believe that the prosecution increased the charges against McDonald as further retaliation for her recent refusal to agree to a plea bargain offered on September 22. The prosecution has also asked to move McDonald’s trial up to December 12. Supporters object to the earlier court date, which appears to be an attempt to stifle community mobilization to support McDonald in court, and limit the defense’s time to prepare for trial. The defense has requested that McDonald’s trial date be returned to the original date of January 9.

McDonald and her supporters note that the new, harsher charge demonstrates that the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office continues to side with the white supremacists who attacked her and fail to acknowledge the hate crime that McDonald sustained. Katie Burgess, Executive Director of the Trans Youth Support Network, had this to say after Thursday’s hearing: “There is a clear choice to be made in this situation: do you stand with white supremacists? Or do you stand with queer youth of color in our community? Hennepin County has chosen to protect the interests of hate and bigotry. As people of conscience and compassion, we’re calling on them to exercise their discretion in this case and drop the charges against CeCe!”

McDonald was released from the Hennepin County Jail on Tuesday night, after a final push from her Support Committee to raise the cost of bond. Community supporters will continue to fundraise to offset trial costs. McDonald sent out this quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can. Hate cannot drive out, hate only love can.”

McDonald’s trial is tentatively scheduled to begin on January 9, and supporters have vowed to pack the courtroom for the trial and any future hearings. Visit  or for more information.

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What a shock that prosecutors are trying to make sure she doesn’t get justice.

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^ YAY. Wonderful news. I know this isn’t the end, but it’s an encouraging development :)

Step one completed for her.  I’m sure that the racist transmisogynist system still has lots to do to her.  :(

CeCe McDonald is a young African American transgender woman facing a “second degree murder” charge after an incident that began when she was violently attacked because of her gender and race.

DROP the charges and FREE CeCe!

Before her life was so unjustly interrupted, CeCe was a creative and energetic student studying fashion at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. She had a stable home where she lived with and helped support four other African American youth, her family. CeCe’s family describes her as a leader, a role model, and a loyal friend. She is also known as a wise, out-spoken and welcoming person. Those closest to CeCe say she has a very cheerful disposition, as well as a history of handling prejudice with amazing grace.

On the morning of June 5th around 12:30, CeCe and four of her friends (all of them black) were on their way to Cub Foods to get some food. As they walked past Schooner’s Bar at 29th St. E. and 27th Ave. S., a man and two women (all of them white) began to yell epithets at them. They called CeCe and her friends faggots, niggers, chicks with dicks, and suggesting that CeCe was dressed as a woman in order to rape the man (whom we know to be Dean Schmitz).

As they were talking, one of the women started taking off her jacket. She smashed her drink into the side of CeCe’s face–lacerating her salivary gland and stinging her eyes with liquor. A fight ensued, with more people joining in. What happened during the fight is unclear, but within a few minutes Dean Schmitz had been stabbed. CeCe was later arrested.

For a month, CeCe was kept in solitary confinement “for her own protection”; she had no say in this matter. Finally, she was transferred to a psychiatric unit in the Public Safety Facility. It was nearly two months before she was taken back to a doctor to check up on the wound on her face, which had turned into a golfball-sized lump.

Later on, CeCe’s friends were harassed on the street by people they recognized from the scene of the fight. Individuals circled the block that CeCe’s friends were walking on and called them niggers and faggots and told them to go back to Africa. When they attempted to wave down a passing squad car for assistance, the officer driving the car said he would not help them.

Visit our What You Can Do page and find out how to support CeCe!

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How disgustingly predictable. 

A group of racist, bigoted white people verbally and physically assault a trans woman of color … and it is the trans woman who ends up in jail, in solitary confinement, insulted by the police & media, and charged with murder.

The courts and the pigs can’t be trusted to take hate crimes seriously.  We need a mass movement, Egypt-style, to overthrow this society’s prevailing culture of racism, homophobia, and police repression.


Early on the morning of June 5th, outside the Schooner Tavern on Lake Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Chrishaun McDonald was verbally assaulted with racial slurs, sexual harassment, and transphobic and sexist attacks.

When a larger brawl ensued, Ms. McDonald was hit in the face with a bottle. Her attacker ended up dead, and Ms. McDonald was taken to jail where she remains in solitary confinement. She has been charged with second degree murder.

Transgender women of color face disproportionate levels of violence and harassment, and are pulled into prisons and jails at extremely high rates. Over 30% of trans women of color are incarcerated every year. Once in prison or jail, 38% are harassed, 15% are physically assaulted, and 7% are sexually assaulted.

If the mainstream media reported on police abuse in earnest, I don’t think it would happen quite so much. 

This is just fucking despicable. I trusted you, Minnesota!

When it comes to the intersection of transmisogyny and racism, I don’t trust anyone.  This is major bullshit.

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